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As a leader of the first generation of Dubai business magnates to form after the crises of the 1930s, Al Gaz made efforts to break tradition with earlier pearling merchants who used financial pressure to destabilize government in Dubai. Where formerly rich pearl traders Rashid bin Dalmook and Sheikh Mani bin Rashid used tight public funding in education as an excuse for the Rebellion of 1938, Al Gaz aggressively fueled private investment in public education with a number of early-built schools, including the Amna bint Wahb Girls School, the Gamal Abdulnasser Boys School, and the Community Schools. Targeting areas in need philanthropically, Al Gaz continued to endow public and private institutions anonymously, in Islamic tradition, until he developed with Juma Al Majid the United Arab Emirates' first charitable society in 1989, Beit Al Khair.

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